There are 87,580 beneficiaries of the deferred action for childhood arrivals (daca) program in .The united states todaythere are 87 thousand 580 beneficiaries of the  deferred action program .For childhood arrivals (daca) in the united states. salvadorans represent 3.8 percent of all dreamers, with 30,262 of them. Guatemalans 2.4 percent (19 thousand 466); hondurans 2.3 percent (18 thousand 261) and peruvians 1.1 percent (9 thousand 066).

The Imminent Termination of the Daca Program

All of them continue to be aware of the actions of the us government regarding their migratory situation in .The country. Just yesterday, it transpired that district judge william alsup ruled tuesday.In san francisco that the program remains in effect while litigation over president donald trump’s decision unfolds. so you cannot “Sing victory.” is it a good option to invest in bitcoin.

Given This, Trump Said That the United States Judicial

Compliance Directors Email Lists

 Now. By letter. In it, you can read:the imminent termination of the daca program is creating. A looming crisis for workforces across the countryamazon’s jeff bezos, facebook’s mark zuckerberg, google’s sundar pichai and salesforce.Com’s marc benioff. Among others, signed the letter. The leaders explain that allowing daca to expire could cost .The us economy an estimated $215 billion .

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