Only youtube channels that have at least 4,000 hours of viewing during the. Last twelve months can be monetized. The issue of changes in. Policies for the use of social networks seems to .Be the central theme at the beginning of the Palau B2B List year. 2017 was a. Particularly complex year for platforms like facebook or youtube; recovering the trust and good image .Of their brands is a priority, so the recent changes announced by them make. Perfect sense. After mark zuckerberg’s network announced changes .To its algorithm, now it’s youtube that’s getting on the trend with the. Change in its content monetization policies. According to reports from various media, as of february 20. Only the videos of those channels and users that have at least 4 thousand hours of viewing during the. Last twelve months, as well as a minimum of one thousand subscribers, can be monetized. Previously.

The Issue of Changes in Policies for the Use of Social

it was only necessary to reach 10 thousand reproductions to obtain benefits. Information provided by the platform itself indicates that 99 percent of the affected channels have registered income for their content of 100 dollars in the last year, while 90 percent have received less than 2.5 dollars in the last month. However, various content creators have expressed their disagreement with this measure, which to say of various posts on Twitter “limit creativity and the Palau B2B List birth of new talents.” Through the #YouTubePartnerProgram tag , which so far adds up to a total of 3 million 014 thousand 801 accounts reached and 5 million 268 thousand 912 impressions according to Tweet reach projections, thousands of youtubers -especially medium-sized- have expressed various complaints before the mediation, that although it can be a spearhead to improve the delivery of content to the final audience,

Companies Like Uber Airbnb, Facebook or YouTube Itself

Palau B2B List

it is creating a funnel, where only the channels and users already in possession seem to be the ones who will find reasons to continue publishing their materials on the social network. Part of the lawsuits claim that YouTube is forgetting the great asset that made it great: user-generated content. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook or YouTube itself, for example, have something in common beyond being leaders in their categories: none of Palau B2B List them owns the products they sell, the consumer is the one who makes the product vision come true. These companies have built their businesses. In other words,

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