Imagine you owned a business with two locations next door to Italy Phone Number one another. One of them has not been updated since 2005, but it contains the reception area. The other is a freshly updated, beautiful and highly functional corporate headquarters. When a customer or prospect shows up to see your beautiful company HQ, they first have to go to the reception area in the outdated, downright scary one. Assuming there are no updates and the whole place is stuck in 2005, there are likely things that are broken, spots where there are cracks in the Italy Phone Number paint, dirty windows and computers still running Windows XP (scary, right?). The lights are flickering, and some have burned out in forgotten days.

The other is a freshly updated Italy Phone Number

They’re all still not sure what to make of this new thing called YouTube. “Come with me! Trust me, you’ll love the company!” you say to the prospect as you Italy Phone Number walk them from the one building to the next. Will they manage to make it from the scary building to the nice one? Even if they do, you’ve created a poor context—first impressions and all that. The outdated building is like an outdated website. If you don’t update your website, it’s like neglecting a physical work location—one that people are going to Italy Phone Number see. The outdated décor and dirty areas will be off-putting. The old technology may not work as well. Plus, the messaging is old and doesn’t resonate with prospects. You can try and pull them through your website with reassuring content and website copy, but ultimately, if it’s unprofessional.

Italy Phone Number List

The outdated building is like an Italy Phone Number

While it’s technically separate from your physical company, in today’s digital age, your Italy Phone Number company and website are really two parts of the same whole. A website should have three main functions—to impress, inform and inspire. These three functions are inextricably linked to design, technology and most importantly, content. Your website should be impressive. If a website is aesthetically pleasing, you’re automatically getting bonus points in the head of a prospect or customer. In that vein, it should also be impressive on mobile. Your Italy Phone Number website should be in line with current best practices. There should be images, video and a user experience awesome enough to make your competitors envious

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