If you don’t pay attention to users, but only focus on existing products, then any company will not escape the fate of being eliminate, even if your existing products are successful and brilliant.

The founder of Meters Bonwe, Zhou Chengjian, was a tailor and work hard to start a business. In the past few days, Jay Chou’s super words have detonated the whole network. I think every Jay Chou fan will remember that Meters Bonwe, who he endorse, and the phrase “do not take the usual path”.

The booming silver market

More entrepreneurs have seen the future Turkey Mobile Number possibility of the silver-haired economy, and the short videos, live broadcasts, and e-commerce fields of billion-level APPs are born. The entrants are trying to leverage the market.

Inke is trying to start with live broadcast and get a share of the middle-aged and elderly market. Previously, Inke had disclosed that it was developing a live broadcast product “Laoyou Live” for middle-aged and elderly users. Laoyou live broadcast is the same as most of the current live broadcast products, including three main categories: live broadcast, short video, and community. Most of the anchors live broadcast in a KTV-style mode.

There is a well-known analogy in the marketing industry where consumers don’t buy a drill, they buy the hole in the wall.

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If there is a new technology or alternative to help consumers drill the hole more easily and cheaply, there is no doubt that consumers will immediately abandon the purchase of electric drills. It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how famous your brand is.

Let’s talk about another industry. What consumers really buy is not a camera, but a photo. It’s easy to explain why film cameras will be replaced by digital cameras, and digital cameras will be defeated by smartphones.

Why should I buy a camera when my phone can also take high-quality photos and is easier to view, edit, and share? The logic of ordinary consumers is that simple.

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