One of the trends among community managers is the empowerment of women. Since 70 percent of them are women the latest linkedin report on community managers indicates that. In mexico there are 405,000 registered professionals with such work. This is an area in which they must be constantly informed. So if your cm does not know about the facebook algorithm update then he is not the right one for your brand. Starting in the coming weeks, the VP Media Email Lists facebook wall will look completely different. Mark zuckerberg announced, although he did not give an exact date. However, the change is a point that the cm must address. Since the content of family conversations will be a priority, which directly impacts the content of digital marketing strategies. The reality of the banker we received feedback from community members that public content – ​​posts from companies.

While This Is the Biggest Change in Social Media

Brands and media outlets – is displacing the personal moments that allow us. To connect with each other  while this is the biggest change in social media. Community managers need to pay attention to other trends as well. For example. Figures from social fresh, firebrand group and simply measured took on the task of discovering what are the best social networks to advertise. And they saw that facebook, twitter and instagram fulfilled the VP Media Email Lists function of being winning platforms, for the guidelines of the brands. And another point that the cm should know is that they can use tools like google advanced search operators. A way of using google for organic competitive insight and analysis.

And Another Point That the Cm Should Know Is

VP Media Email Lists

through advanced search operator links, with which you can see where they are getting the links backlink your competitors, to give an example of this type. Finally, columnist Elizabeth Peniche explains that the CM must also have a contingency plan for the theft of the smartphone in which he has company data, in a city like the Mexican capital, where assaults are sadly daily. “Today community managers handle sensitive account information on their smartphone, precisely because one of the functions of a community manager is to VP Media Email Lists be aware of comments, conversations and relevant topics in their community at any time. For this reason, they will be vulnerable to theft of their Smartphones and you must have a plan to be able to react calmly and correctly, ”he said.

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