Reddit may not be at the top of your priority Poland B2B List . When it comes to allocating your advertising budget. Larger social media platforms Poland B2B List such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube look more interesting with higher user numbers. Still, Reddit is showing with new Poland B2B List and insights why advertisers, especially those from mobile carriers, should consider the platform anyway.

The number of users on Poland B2B List

Recently , Reddit published an infographic Poland B2B List with interesting numbers on the usage of their platform. There are no fewer than 52 million monthly active users with an interest in technology. In addition, there are more than 7,400 subreddits on Reddit in which mobile Poland B2B List providers are discussed.Reddit infographic The number of users on Reddit is falling 52 million monthly users is a lot, but at the end of 2020 they reported 52 million daily users. According to the latest figures , the Poland B2B List of Reddit users in the Netherlands is 353,000 per day. All in all, it seems that the platform is losing a lot in the number of active users.

Poland B2B List

Reddit is falling Poland B2B List

What makes Reddit interesting for advertisers is that you will not find their specific target group on any other platform. In addition, one of the graphs shows how discussions Poland B2B List flare up around launches from Apple, Samsung and Google. Those can be interesting moments to capitalize on. Reddit infographic part 2 This is a We-of-WC duck story from Poland B2B List Reddit. But it can certainly be interesting to explore the possibilities and look beyond just the major social media platforms. A thoughtful social media strategy Take the time to develop a thoughtful strategy for your content, Poland B2B List channels and campaigns.

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