Also setting up an end-to-end process, from coming up with the video topic to monitoring the effect on social mia. And augment existing content calendars with video assets to ensure video stays on the radar. . Good explanation sets frameworks Then ensure good, company-wide and continuous communication about the how, what and why of video communication your way. Including practical guidelines and tools. Invite the organization to participate by making videos yourself. Let management set a good example, for example by having the director vlog or turn the weekly MT meeting into a short video report. . Empower enthusiastic employees Then it’s time to familiarize enthusiastic people with the chosen format, what this means for their input and what they should do when.

Be Large Enough If You Have A Low

They also receive short, hands-on training on how to make videos on their smartphone and what to do with the raw material. And Action! And then: action! Produce and share. Your first productions l you to align people and resources. That you have gain a wealth of experience, so that China Phone Number you know what can be done differently or better. You have also discover what you can continue to do yourself and what you can better outsource, so that you can better balance your budget. And your employees have seen results. They know they can participate, what is expect of them and how to submit their videos.

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You now have everything set up to deliver continuous videos without high costs and keep the (video) flywheel turning! The gold rush on NFTs has begun. Since corona it Consumer Lead has been slowly exploding, it seems. Messi made millions with his own NFT collection. Snoop Dogg built a mansion in the metaverse. Even McDonald’s has turn Big Macs and French fries into pixel art. As a company you cannot stay behind. An NFT is a contract that is record on the blockchain. With such a contract, we can establish ownership of digital content for the first time in history.

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