That’s when you go to the next step: Taiwan Phone Number prototyping. HOW DO I TURN MY PRODUCT IDEA INTO A PROTOTYPE? At this point, you’re Taiwan Phone Number receiving sample products from your manufacturer. Make sure you put the product through its paces to Taiwan Phone Number make sure it adheres to the standard that you laid out in your request for quote. Here are two Taiwan Phone Number critical things you should do: Take pictures and detailed notes. And send them back to the factory with your samples as you go.

Make sure you put the product Taiwan Phone Number

Screenshot showing a slipper This is Taiwan Phone Number the part where you get to iron out. The kinks and make sure that your product is up to par. Make sure Taiwan Phone Number you’ve built some lead time into your Taiwan Phone Number production schedule here—sometimes Taiwan Phone Number it can take multiple months to get a product right, maybe even up to a year if there are significant issues Taiwan Phone Number to iron out. But it’s a lot easier to correct problems at this stage than it is once your line is in production (and a lot less expensive, too). Work out the payment details.

Taiwan Phone Number List

Some lead time into your Taiwan Phone Number

Screenshot showing different quotes for a Taiwan Phone Number pendant What will it cost for reworked parts if there’s something wrong with production? Who pays for shipping of bad parts back to the factory and good replacements from the factory? Sorting these out ahead of time will Taiwan Phone Number help you keep the relationship on a solid foundation and possibly save you money as well. Once Taiwan Phone Number you’ve made sure that your product is ready to go, it’s time to enter production. HOW DO I TURN MY PROTOTYPE INTO A PRODUCTION RUN? After receiving a quality prototype that meets your requirements it’s time to begin a full production run.

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