Make sure that all the links to the language versions you have are in the Sitemap.xml and are correct. If the Ukrainian-language version is not yet available, below we will tell you what steps should be taken so that it appears as soon as possible. Material on the topic: How to translate a site into Ukrainian and not lose position . Creating a default UA version Those owners who have not yet translat their site into Ukrainian should hurry. If you continue to ignore the law, it may turn into problems for you in the near future. On average, the development of a new.

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Language version from scratch takes about 3 months and includes the work of a web developer, SEO specialist, copywriter, and content manager. All visible elements Israel Phone Number blocks of the site must be translat: menu; text part; product cards; metadata; micro markup and internal optimization elements such as image alts. Give preference to a professional translation – this way you will be sure of its quality, which means that your reputation in the eyes of Ukrainian-speaking users will only grow. For this, you can hire a professional translator or a content specialist who has a good command of the Ukrainian language.

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This approach is costly from the financial side, but it is also more reliable. In addition, if you select and include appropriate semantics in the text, you will be Consumer Lead to attract new traffic to the site already after uploading the content. When using automatic translators and plugins for CMS in order to save the budget, do not forget to carefully review the translat content before uploading to avoid silly mistakes. It is unlikely that users will stay for a long time on a site with a crook machine translation: for them it will mean that the owner of the site is not interest in Ukrainian-speaking customers.

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