What regulation of the fight against money laundering and other fraud will have to be introduc? . Data Protection The third issue is the protection of our data, now in D. Starting with our body. The multiplication of sensors is at the heart of the immersive experience and will capture our emotions. It is infinitely more powerful than a connect watch from . Its use in terms of advertising or health is different than before. Intellectual Property or Jurisdiction Territoriality Definition The fourth issue is about the definition of intellectual property or jurisdictional territory, to resolve illegal activities, disputes, aggressions and conflicts. Is the nationality of the individuals link to the avatars? Or is it actually the st US state? . Struggle around cultural codes Finally, the last, but equally decisive issue: the new battle over cultural codes. A new collective and cultural imagination, inspir by gaming, as powerful as Hollywood’s, is emerging.

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Ship by new non-European markers such as “Street art”, “Californian culture” or even “K-Pop”. Digital futures capture some of the value We can easily imagine the positioning of the three major geopolitical blocs: a desire for control in China with the likely creation of an ecosystem isolate Philippines Phone Number from the world, a public/private alignment in the Unit States, and a Pavlovian priority for regulation in Europe. However, apart from recovery plans and climate visions, the draft European guidelines on digital hardly evoke immersion and ignore the center of the digital future. This while this new world is going to capture a share of the value, at least proportional to the time we will spend there.

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Also read: Metaverse explain through the virtual world of Roblox Sovereignty and civilization new normal in the metaverse Let’s start with a major European D Consumer Lead training program to avoid skills shortages and massive funding for projects to digitize physical worlds. There is an urgent ne to stretch significant cultural budgets. In which we can assemble and display our European strengths such as our museums, music and our cultural performances. But also to reinvent the “work of tomorrow” with more possibilities in this virtual business world. Are you wondering why you should read this article about a conjunction? Because you can strongly influence your conversion through the smart use of the -letter word . Why would you want that.

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