You can first register your Instagram account to Instagram Business
You also need to include your online business website link in your Instagram bio
2. Enter the main keyword in the username and display name
Instagram seo based on the keywords they are looking for, this of course makes it easier for followers to find your Instagram profile. When a user writes a keyword, the Instagram explore page can display profiles and content that contains those keywords.

In order for your profile to appear in

business-relevant search results, enter the main keywords in your username and display name. For example, you are in the business of sandals. Select the keyword “sandal selop” in the username or display name.

3. Adding derived keywords in Instagram bio
If your username and display name don’t contain the main keyword, that’s okay too. You can still add main and derivative keywords to your business Instagram bio.

For example, you can do business cases for iPhones. Then you Greece Phone Number can add a derived keyword in your bio such as: “cheap iphone case”. Once you get followers who are looking for cheap iPhone cases, your profile has the potential to appear in search results.

When you add derived keywords,

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you can compress the bio messages on your instagram. Because Instagram has a character limit in the bio column.

4. Maximize alt text
Like image optimization done on website seo, you can also optimize images by using alt text on Instagram, you know.

Instagram alt text can help the Instagram algorithm to show your photos to users who like that type of content. Because, alt text can describe the content of your image.

In addition, Instagram alt text also makes it easy for Google search engines to find your content. The trick, you have to enter keywords with high search volume on google in your alt text.

Okay, here are the steps for using alt text in your Instagram content:

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