However it turns out that in many cases a random nonsensical reason will also suffice. This is simply because every message behind the word because is quickly tick off as a valid reason in our subconscious brain. As long as we as humans get the feeling that there is ‘a’ reason for it. Back to childhood How is it possible that even a nonsense reason behind the word because is check off as valid in our subconscious brain? Because it can be trac back to childhood. To be precise, to the why phase that almost every -year-old child goes through. If you have children, this is probably a recognizable (and tiring) phase. Around the age of , children no longer accept everything blindly.

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This results in a real fire of questions. Why can’t I draw on the wallpaper? Why can’t I play with food? Why do I have to go to b? And from my own experience: ‘ why can’t I drink beer ?’Child I am a proud mother of a son and a daughter who are already and years old. Although it seems like Russia Phone Number an eternity ago, they were once years old. I was therefore allow to undergo the why phase no less than times. As a young mother, I search online for information that could help me get through this overwhelming phase. Because I say so I read in various articles that children put their thoughts into words in the why phase.

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That they practice asking questions and satisfy their hunger for new knowlge. So I patiently answer every why question from the kids. My answers all start Consumer Lead with because . I tri to give an answer that was as substantiat as possible. Tri because to be fair: in many cases I also us the so-call ‘basket technique’. Then my answer to a why-question was: “ because I say so ”. The why phase of young children and the because response of parents carers leads to condition behaviour. That means our brains are cod in childhood to expect a reliable answer after the word because.

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