WPO is an acronym for the Anglo-Saxon expression “Web Performance Optimization”. It consists of a set of strategies and good practices to improve the performance of a website in its technical aspect, such as page loading speed and the user’s browsing experience. Edgar Higuera June 22, 20 | 16min read what is WPO The user experience when browsing a website has become an essential aspect for businesses and brands , especially for those who want to make the most of the almost infinite world market that the Internet represents.


When We Think About How to Improve Wpo Web Performance

Navigability, captivate users and guarantee truly pleasant experiences when visiting a certain website, the WPO emerges as the answer and master Iceland Phone Number move. Do you know what this element is about? Do you understand how it can help you? Read on and find out! For sure, what is WPO? Web Performance Optimization or, in Spanish, web performance optimization. Yes, that is the meaning of WPO. But do not think that you already know everything about this topic! We are just beginning, because it is a complex.


Strategic Profound Aspect With

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Different edges, which favors business objectives and brand positioning. Although it is a term of just 3 words, the WPO encompasses a wide range of techniques that allow reducing or eliminating all those obstacles and frictions that affect the user experience when browsing a web page . To “illustrate” the essence and characteristics of this strategic and technical practice, let’s take as a reference the most common example that may exist: that of the pages created and managed by WordPress.

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