A lot has to do with trust. Before making a purchase, the modern consumer spares no effort in searching for information about the product and the company. This is one of the factors that explains the success of Content Marketing strategies . However, a study by Trust Ratios indicated that while consumers value information gleaned from product blogs and websites, they trust their own product experience much more.

It creates a fundamental differentiation

Look at the graph below: product experience Source: Gain sight Investing in PX is therefore critical to building consumer trust and maximizing your VP Audit Email Lists brand reputation. It creates a fundamental differentiation element to increase sales volume, especially in more competitive markets. Optimizing the strategy Remember how we mentioned the growing importance of PX in the software market?

This is one of the factors that explains the success

VP Audit Email Lists

Here’s a good explanation. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, companies that sell applications have access to something valuable from PX: insights to optimize strategy. It is possible to analyze the behavior of users and identify, for example, the aspects that they consider most valuable and the functionalities that they do not use very often.

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