Last but not least , sometimes a picture is worth El Salvador B2B List more than 1,000 words. Or in this case: sometimes graphs, charts and tables say more than 1,000 numbers. In some cases, the brain may find it difficult to properly interpret numbers. The meaning of numbers can also differ per situation. By displaying numbers visually, you make El Salvador B2B List it easier for the brain to draw conclusions. Examples visualization numbers and numbers copy in graphs diagrams 4. There are numbers with which you conquer a familiar place in the unconscious brain. Or not. The number 7 triggers a positive El Salvador B2B List emotion in many people. For many, 7 is a lucky number.

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Furthermore, you come across the number in many places: there are 7 days El Salvador B2B List in a week, the rainbow has 7 colors and Rome is built on 7 hills. Then there is, for example, the seventh heaven and there are the 7 continents. That the number 7 is a favorite also has a psychological explanation. Suppose I ask you to think of a number under 10. You will (unconsciously) calculate. You probably already exclude the numbers 1 and 10. Just like 5 because this El Salvador B2B List is in the middle and therefore seems too obvious. Just like the even numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8. Then you are left El Salvador B2B List  with the numbers 3 and 7.

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El Salvador B2B List

You can see that the brain usually prefers the El Salvador B2B List highest number: 7. In the example above, the number 3 is left together with 7. Do not be fooled. Second best does not apply here. In fact, the power of the magic number 3 may be even greater than that of 7. How did that happen? Philosopher Aristotle discovered long, long ago that people El Salvador B2B List find it easiest to remember 3 things. The chance that your readers process information better is therefore greater. I see 3 reasons for our love for the number 3. It is concise, so it can be seen and remembered better. It has El Salvador B2B List rhythm.

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