If you want to be smarter, read 100 books that interest us.

The books we choose to read can range from a variety of topics and can come from a variety of qualities – good or bad.

What is important is that we should find the book interesting.

Because the facts say that:

When we feel that a book is interesting – it means that it contains information that is new to us (and thus it will increase wisdom).

Therefore if we want to be twice as smart as we are now, we need to read

And the sense of interesting also means Database something that provides new information to the brain.

No book will solve all our problems.
Every book might make us 1% smarter.

Maybe 100 books is a safer number.

Some of the books we read may contain inaccurate information, as almost all books will contain some assumptions and false statements.

However, if we do not give up and continue to read books one after another, God willing our knowledge will increase.

It is the same with our awareness of what is right and what is wrong.

Wisdom is simply a map of reality (accurate information about how things really are).

And every book we read (even a short story) will add a small piece of information to the map.

Some books may give us bits of false information that do not explain anything that exists on the map.

But as we read more books our knowledge will also increase about the other fake pieces


We will start to have an intuitive sense (gut feeling) about Consumer Lead something wrong and thus we will easily recognize incorrect information.

Recognition of falsehood itself will increase our knowledge.

Because our brain can already identify false patterns, and it is increasingly difficult for such false information to mislead us.

If we read a book that seems interesting at first, but eventually loses interest and starts to get bored, we don’t have to hesitate to leave the book and switch to another book.

When this happens, it can be caused by one of two things.

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