Let’s put the obvious aside. Yes, it can be done. Let’s leave aside the second. Almost obvious. Yes, it can definitely be done using white-hat link building methods. So the Macedonia Phone Number List question is not really about the “if” but about the “how. Since google waged an internet-wide crackdown on questionable link building techniques. Directories and article submission sites in 2012, the gaming industry has had to make some serious changes. To its internet marketing and seo strategies. Club that with the fact that the industry comes with an undetachable stigma attached . To it and you have quite the pickle Reputable websites. To date, are hesitant to link to content related to gambling websites.

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Money because of the associated stigma. This creates an inherent lack of linkable assets, forcing search engine algorithms to completely penalize the website or place it in the darker corners of the serp results. Naturally, seo experts as well as gaming conglomerates have started advocating gray tactics or black-hat link building techniques as the only way to Macedonia Phone Number ank a gaming website. A better term. They seem to be right, only that it is not the only way to go. Building white hat links in the gaming industry is not an impossible mission. It is, in fact, very doable and has been done over and over again by extremely skilled seo specialists who know how to hold the ear to the other side without hitting the face.

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Here I’m going to shed some light on a few white-hat link building strategies (they’re not new to anyone) that play a key role in helping a gaming website rank better,4 key tips to follow religiously when building white-hat linkages for the gaming industry 1. Generate leads I call it reverse hunting, in which, instead of going after the weakest member of the Macedonia Phone Number List herd, or should I say, any shoddy, poorly designed, structured website that will agree to back a link in exchange of a currency, we go after and convince the one who has established trust and authority.

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