At Philips they divide the attention as Suriname B2B List follows. Freek: ‘Cees van Riel asks the question: what is the best way to put your energy into positively influencing reputation? Content about products and services and innovation makes a very important contribution, that is simply the core of the company. So that bucket counts for 40 percent. Citizenship and governance, i.e. how you as a Suriname B2B List company deal with the world around you and how transparent you are about business operations, is important for recruiting young talent, and counts for 30 percent. Stories about Philips as an employer Suriname B2B List  should make up about 20 percent of the content.

The weakness of the  Suriname B2B List 

The last 10 percent is for the financial performance Suriname B2B List and leadership categories. It’s good to emphasize that now and then, but they don’t predominate.’ The weakness of the model The balance is adjusted every month based on the results. The number of articles must be in balance, but also the reach that the content generates. That is the weakness of the model: efforts are Suriname B2B List measured, not the direct results. Philips has the in-depth report based on the RepTrak model for this. ‘It is ultimately a sum. But we must make sure that the efforts reflect how we Suriname B2B List want to be read and viewed.’

model Suriname B2B List

Suriname B2B List

The added value of this working method Suriname B2B List according to Freek: ‘We work according to the lean method . We constantly measure: every month we check how Suriname B2B List much content we have in the different buckets. And what the traffic is. And then we send. If we go too fast on a subject, we slow down. If we go too slow, we accelerate. We use paid social Suriname B2B List media campaigns to push the buttons.’

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