Currently, digital channels are common to try to make a business positioning, since by means of a strategy. It is normal to use mechanisms that bring users of these spaces closer by this means with. The aim of trying to optimize a web page, especially in search engines like google. Data from we are social indicated that. Last year internet users amounted to VP Communications Officer Email Lists more than 3.8 billion, since. The annual  growth range was presented as 10 percent. On the other hand, the same technology google indicates that at least 85 percent of consumers start making purchases through various devices.

Data From We Are Social Indicated That Last Year

From a personal computer to ending up on the smartphone. To have projection, you should not let google go unnoticed. The most used search engine in the world. While there are .A few other platforms that can drive organic traffic to  your page. Such as social media, the power this page has to drive digital consumer access. Is undeniable. According to stadista, among the major search engines. Google’s global market share as of january 2017 was 89.06 percent. Added to .The other platforms that are now part of its property, such as youtube, which began. To have 68 percent of traffic as of february of the previous year, the ability. To be an exponent. Regardless of the marketing strategy that we follow.

To Have Projection You Should Not Let Google Go

VP Communications Officer Email Lists

We must be aware of the guidelines required by google to project a website. It continually modifies and improves its algorithms so. That each website gets the exposure it deserves. Accordingly, some common symptoms of a penalty are: organic traffic from google. Is reduced site loses visibility for some or all keywords certain pages disappear. From search results the domain stops appearing when searching for it by name the domain is deindexed from the search engine.

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