The impact of the language law on online sites Instructions for switching to the default Ukrainian version of the site Terms of website translation into Ukrainian When to translate contextual advertising into Ukrainian. Nuances SMS and e-mails — when and how to translate into Ukrainian Conclusion The high-profile draft law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language” has already enter into force, but many representatives of the Internet business still have questions – who does it apply to, how does it work and what might be the punishment for non-compliance with the new law.

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At the same time, the time allott for the transition period has come to an end, and you will never have to think about whether it is worth it. We at Idea Digital Agency have already Guatemala Phone Number fac the implementation of some points of this draft law more than once, including on our own example. This article collect and explain all the most important and controversial points that any owner of an Internet business in Ukraine must take into account. Why is it necessary to create a Ukrainian-language version of the site? The Ukrainian version of the site is, first of all, an additional source of traffic. Currently, the share of Ukrainian-language traffic in Google is approximately 10-20%, depending on the niche.

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The daily budget is used up too quickly

Since the entry into force of the new law, this value has gradually and steadily increas. All because many Ukrainians from the central and eastern Consumer Lead where the Russian-speaking population has always prevail, consciously switch to Ukrainian and, accordingly, use it in all spheres of life, including searching for information on the Internet. Also, by creating a Ukrainian-language version of your resource, you increase your own reputation and become more loyal to users who speak only Ukrainian. Thus, you can expand the audience of your resource to those regions of the country that were previously inaccessible to you, and it is also possible to even organize the delivery of goods or the sale of services in these regions.

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