Google search results for “best knitting blogs” Next, compile a list of all the blogs you find and check for their contact details as most bloggers will have a “Contact” USA Phone Number page on their website. Then, take your email template (like Sam’s above) and send it out. Remember, USA Phone Number Sam had around 10% success rate (three partners from 37 emails), so aim to message at least 30 bloggers. Giveaways will only ever have a handful of winners,

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But you can make everyone feel like USA Phone Number a winner. If someone has taken the time to enter your giveaway, think about how you can deliver USA Phone Number value to them. For example, everyone who entered Sumo’s Ultimate Shopify Giveaway still received USA Phone Number a few complimentary products and discounts even if they didn’t win: Screenshot showing an email. Screenshot showing a sweepstakes.

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Simple email to their list

Degree 33 Surfboards gave away one USA Phone Number awesome surf package worth over $1,000. They had over 2,300 people enter through sending one USA Phone Number simple email to their list of subscribers. And saw an open rate of 14% and clickthrough rate of 5.8%. They USA Phone Number also included a promo code in the giveaway description and this resulted in one direct sale of more than $400. Screenshot showing copy about a sweepstakes Screenshot showing prizes for a sweepstakes

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