Bottom up vs top down There are two sides to business video communications: the shop floor and the boardroom. Work floor Almost everyone likes to make videos and send them around. And those films can also be about the working environment and thus influence the reputation of your company. Thanks to today’s smartphones, the technical quality of such videos is often very good. Costs for production and distribution are virtually nil. It’s freom-happiness-creativity. Boardroom The other side is that of the boardroom, the world of policy, budgets, reputation management and GDPR compliance. If video is already us, this is done in a controll manner and according to fix scripts and quality standards.

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Expensive professionals are often flown in for image, sound, iting and whatever else is ne. Video is then usually an expensive and time-consuming affair. And that in turn ensures that people are not eager to use it more often than necessary. Often enough, a video production turns out to Denmark Phone Number be a real money pit. As a communication professional, you naturally do not want a production process that is difficult to manage and where your budget is at stake. Also read: video formats for an indelible first impression of your company Reconciliation It is ideal if you manage to reconcile both worlds, that of the workplace and that of the boardroom. And by using the creativity and energy of employees to strengthen your messaging.

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That’s fine. And it has to be: offensive because video can help your company perform better in PR, HR, marketing and sales. And defensive because you want to guard Consumer Lead your reputation and your trade secrets. But the result is of course highly dependent on the talent and enthusiasm of the employees. And of course the time they get to actually make a video production. Training and coaching in filming with a smartphone and filming interviews can be a good first step.

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