Several colleagues are involv in Christmas Island B2B List the production . Activation of content, as well as a flexible layer of freelancers and agencies. ‘I myself, just like a channel activation manager, am part of the integrated communications team of Philips Benelux. We also work Christmas Island B2B List with freelancers, a video agency and an agency that helps to set up paid social media campaigns.’ The content also catches on at a global level.  ‘We can also activate a lot of the content we Christmas Island B2B List produce internationally.

A good format for Christmas Island B2B List

And when we publish a Made in 040 video Christmas Island B2B List explaining the different types of medical imaging (how does ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT work), global’s immediate response was ‘We want that too!’ A good format for structure The strength of the series is the simple storytelling, without jargon. We then translat the concept into global: Health Technology Explaine . That one video was one of the most view videos on LinkedIn of the year. A good format helps you to create Christmas Island B2B Lists tructure and in recognition by your target groups.’ Hopefully this insight into Philips’ content strategy will give you tools to keep your reputation in balance. If you have other ideas about this, share them Christmas Island B2B List in the comments.

Christmas Island B2B List

Structure Christmas Island B2B List

Getting start with content? Follow a Frank watching training Christmas Island B2B List What about your content strategy? Do you want to get start with new forms of content? Follow one of our content courses and learn everything about setting up Instagram campaigns, making inspiring Christmas Island B2B List videos, writing blogs or the importance of a content calendar Christmas Island B2B List in 1 or 2 days. Knowing more? View the full range here

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