Traffic sources are close to where they were last month. The biggest difference being that volume has increased since July (much like the trend we see almost every month as our members continue to leverage our platform to grow their businesses. There are a number of factors contributing to this, including the number of new investors using our platform and those investors as well as any Carrot clients implementing SEO, PPC and Poland Phone Number List other revenue generation strategies. traffic to their sites. Again, we don’t show these numbers to brag, although we are proud of our members and the numbers they achieve! We’ve made transparency and honesty part of our core values ​​and if this data helps you accelerate your inbound marketing for your real estate business, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Craigslist Marketing Leads for Real Estate Investors

But for now, we have more interesting data to share. As you can see, the vast majority of online leads in the past 30 days come from organic SEO… the heart of inbound marketing (especially when you add in around 43% of “(direct)” leads who Poland Phone Number are also likely to get traffic organic in Google. Google won’t give us the details of this data, but another part of the “(direct)” lead likely comes from ads on Craigslist. They appear in the “(direct)” section because Craigslist no longer allows live links in real estate listings in the majority of cities so people have to copy and paste the URL into the browser to get to the website…this which would make it a “direct” link to the site.

How Is Your Online Lead Generation

Poland Phone Number List






We started seeing a trend in our data about 6 months ago. While this is no big surprise to anyone, it is definitely something real estate investors should be aware of. We are talking about a mobile-friendly website. This trend is hot Mobile is the Poland Phone Number List future So, I know I just said “mobile is the future”…but really…it’s already here. More than half of the leads that come through our platform come from mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, etc.)…and this trend is growing. Why Optimize Your Website to Convert High On Mobile Matters Mobile Leads… it’s a huge opportunity for real estate investors to capture and convert leads. If your site is mobile-friendly, you could miss 50% of your leads. Mobile Lead

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