Instant messaging apps have become almost essential for millions of people. Currently it is difficult to find a smartphone or computer that. Does not have an application of this type and. If we had to mention any, we must refer to WhatsApp. Since it is the with the largest user base and .Penetration worldwide. In fact, according to data published in Statista. We find that the instant messenger is the second platform for .Social interaction with the largest number of .Users -more than 1,300 registered users- only below facebook and. Of these, 53 percent connects more than once a day. Its level of penetration and use are just some of the reasons why facebook. Since it bought the application in 2014 -in a deal valued .At 19.3 billion. Dollars- has not stopped presenting changes with the aim of making it more profitable.

The Facebook-owned App Has Already Started Testing

In marketing matters and more compatible with both facebook and instagram. One of the functions that it is working on and that has been. Talked about for a few weeks is unified payments interface (upi) . Also referred to by Canada WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists some media as whatsapp payments. Which will allow mobile payments (p2p) to be offered between users within the application. In fact, we recently discussed that they were already working on a. Beta version in india. This week it was confirmed that it is already working in the asian .Country through the latest update of the app on both ios. And android. Whatsapp pay-wabetainfo-03 image. Twitter via @wabetainfo the functionality of whatsapp pay. Is to allow the sending of money between users of the same application .

Messaging Apps Have Become Almost Essential for Milli

Canada WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

although this does not apply to merchant or business accounts, but between “Conventional” users. This merger works with the support of upi (unified payments interface), a money transfer service shared by the main financial entities in the country; state bank of india, icici bank, hdfc bank, and axis bank, among them. Some images are already beginning to circulate in various media that show a little how whatsapp pay works and, although it is not yet clear if it will only serve to send money between users (similar to twyp, verse or even paypal), it is clear that it will be a way the one they will seek to keep users inside the application. At the moment whatsapp has not made any official communication , but we know that this has happened on other occasions with functions that were revealed for the application, in the same way as with facebook and even instagram. The objective would be to compete in the mobile payment segment, where other applications already have a significant presence;

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