Mobile payments have been around for a long time. Currently the main financial and technology services companies have. An application. Without a doubt, a growing market that wants .To take advantage of whatsapp. Mobile payments have been. Around for a long time, currently the main financial and technology .Services companies have an application. Without a doubt. A growing market that wants to take advantage of whatsapp. In fact, according to a recent report from .The united nations conference on trade and development unctad. Mobile payments will overtake credit cards in 2019. The heavyweights know this, we know that among .The Turkey B2B List most popular mobile payment platforms are wechat pay. Alipay, paypal, apple pay, samsung pay.

Mobile Payments Have Been Around for

Chase Pay and Android Pay, according to figures from Juniper Research. But there are also alternatives such as Master Pass, Visa Checkout and Google Pay. Given this context, and with the premise that Facebook seeks to fully explain WhatsApp -and its more than 1.3 billion users-, it now points directly to e-commerce and to making the application an option for mobile payments. According to various reports, the application is working on a Turkey B2B List function that will allow mobile payments (P2P) to be offered between users within the application, something that has been rumored for more than a year but, according to FactorDaily and India Times, this is close to being a reality.

Not Only Because of the Number of People It Can

Turkey B2B List

WhatsApp is already working on a beta version that it will be testing in India, with a sample of 2 million users (approximately 1 percent of its user base). subscribers in that country). Why in the Indian market? Not only because of the number of people it can reach, but also because it is a country where the mobile payment system already has some penetration, where services such as Google’s Tez, Paytm and BHIM are already recognized. In addition, according to Turkey B2B List reports, WhatsApp would already have some alliances to test the beta version, among them; State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Ban. Its objective would be to achieve the improvement of the user experience before launching it in other countries. Let us remember that this report arrives in the same week that WhatsApp for Business was launched in various markets,

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