The only condition that whatsapp asked its employees to .Make this incentive valid would be to stay with the company for four years. Retaining talent is one of the great challenges facing brands today. The demand for employees with a higher degree of specialization. As well as the limited supply in this regard, has. The immediate effect that companies seek new ways to retain the bases. Of their businesses, where high salaries are only part of a larger equation. And companies like whatsapp masterfully understand this concept. In principle, it is President Email Lists important to understand that the new generation of companies that .The digital era brought with it, also meant an increase in turnover rates. Mainly in sectors such as marketing, advertising and other strategic areas for.

These Types of Trends Have a Special Effect on the

These types of trends have a special effect on .The commitment of the workforce to the company’s business plans, a fact that in .The medium and long term could mean drops in terms of productivity and profitability of. The companies. A President Email Lists recent investigation signed by gallup supports the premise. According to the study. The generation of labor commitment contributes significantly to reducing quality errors .By up to 41 percent , labor incidents by 48 percent , turnover in low-rotation companies by 65 percent , 25 percent in those with high turnover and also manages to reduce absenteeism by up to 37 percent. The design of friendly business models that favor, for example, more relaxed dress codes. Flexible hours or the visit of pets in the workplace,

Retaining Talent Is One of the Great Challenges Facing

President Email Lists

Has been positioned as one of the most common strategies to recover. The commitment among employees (especially all among the .Younger generations of employees) that now appears .To be declining. However, there are companies that go one step further. Such is the case .Of whatsapp that, thanks to an agreement signed four years ago .To President Email Lists guarantee the well-being of its employees, has now turned its initial collaborators. Into true millionaires. When facebook bought .The instant messaging application during 2014, within the purchase conditions it was established that each of the 50 workers who were then whatsapp’s workforce should receive shares worth 60 million dollars within. A period of four years. These shares were trading at 67 dollars, now their value is almost three times more.

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