WhatsApp is the second platform for social interaction with. The largest number of users -more than 1,300 registered users- only below facebook. It is Bahrain B2B List no secret to anyone that whatsapp is one of the platforms that. In recent years, has registered interesting growth rates that. Far from stopping, open up new capitalization opportunities for .The application business, which has been present for some time. As an interesting interaction space for advertisers. Estimates provided by Statista indicate that whatsapp is the .Second platform for social interaction with the largest number of .Users – more than 1,300 registered users – only below facebook, while 58 percent .Of its subscriber base connects more than one once .A daythe opportunities to connect with the audiences of interest.

It Is No Secret to Anyone That Whatsapp Is One of the

From a much closer, intimate and immediate terrain. Is the great attraction that companies find in the instant messaging application .As an advertising and marketing platform. Which is why many analysts predict a future promising for. The Bahrain B2B List newly launched whatsapp business section in mexico alone. 82 percent of small businesses that use whatsapp think the app helps .Them communicate with their customers, and 65 percent think it helps them .Grow their businesses, according to the morning consult 2018 study. Even with the. Emergence of this type of resource that promises to improve the. Relationship between the platform and its users with advertisers.

In General Terms the New Application Update Is Expected to

Bahrain B2B List

From the specialized site android police they indicate that whatsapp plans .To make a major change in its notification system, where users will. Have greater power to Bahrain B2B List say which conversations are worth their .Time and attention and which ones can simply remain unseen.  Activated individually for each conversation based on their priority level.Urgent (alert with sound and message on screen), high (sound), medium (no sound) .And low (neither sound nor message on screen)the screen). In this way.

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