Whatsapp data reveals that as of july last year, the number of active users was 1.3 billion worldwide. The only platform that surpasses whatsapp in number of users is facebook . Which is why the messaging app ranks as the second most popular social network .In the world with 1.2 billion users, according to data projected by statista. Whatsapp data reveals that as of july 2017, the number of active users was 1.3 billion worldwide. Hence, it has become a digital tool with enormous potential for companies. Last year aeroméxico began to break ground with the Kenya B2B List announcement that .Its users will be able to request information about their reservation. Prices and quotes, check-in, request a boarding pass or check the. Status of their flight through this means. Also, banorte joined.Peper is the app with which users can invite their facebook and whatsapp contacts. To create groups that facilitate the collection of money among their social network contacts.

Whatsapp Data Reveals That as of July Last Year, the

Making it possible to receive up to 7,000 pesos per day or 16,000 per month. In this sense, whatsapp made a key move, from today its users. Will not have to download the whatsapp business application to contact businesses and companies. Since they will be able to do it from their daily whatsapp application. The app is available starting today and can be downloaded for free through google play in mexico. Indonesia, italy, the united kingdom and the united states. To Kenya B2B List spread throughout the world in the coming weeks. This will not be intrusive for consumers. You can have control of the messages that are received, with .The option to block any number, including companies, as well as report unwanted messages or spam . Companies need to know that. Currently in mexico.

Facebook and Whatsapp Contacts to Create Groups That

Kenya B2B List

82 percent of small businesses that use WhatsApp think that the application helps them communicate with their customers, and 65 percent believe that it helps them grow their business, according to the Morning Consult 2018 Study . Thus, small and large companies can use the tool to their advantage. In other words, this step in the app is important because Firms will have quick answers to frequently asked questions, welcome messages that bring customers a brief introduction to the company, and away messages. They can take advantage of it with their business profiles.Information such as company description, email addresses, store location or available website.

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