72 percent of mexican marketers say that creating relevant content is one of. The most effective tactics. 2018 is considered the year of consolidation for many of the Compliance Directors Email Lists platforms . As technologies that still need to mature in the field of digital marketing emerged . For guillermo perezbolde, general director of mente digital. Artificial intelligence came to marketing in a powerful way with tools that seem to. Come out of science fiction movies, but that applied .To daily work can be very useful to reach the Compliance Directors Email Lists consumer in a very innovative way. “Brands are beginning to understand how to use robots to make a constant and much more precise interaction with the consumer.

Guillermo Perezbolde General Director of Mente Digital

Said perezbolde in an interview with merca 2.0. Another of the. Trends that the mexican marketer observes with a very strong growth are the tools to see more and better video online . He points out that brands have great potential in live streaming and event coverage. Since they offer the possibility of being in the place. But without being in Compliance Directors Email Lists front of the television as was the case in the past. During 2018 we will see how more brands get on the trend of broadcasting live events. Launches or important moments on video. Personalization is something that everyone likes. We all want to be spoken to by name and remembered when we visit a place. Personalization is now being taken to another level, as today it is possible. To provide a personal experience to each visitor to a website.

Another of the Trends That the Mexican Marketer Observes

Compliance Directors Email Lists

Another form of personalization will be through content. Today platforms such as facebook and messenger are offering brands the .Possibility of creating personalized experiences. The director of digital mind points out that several brands. Mainly consumer ones, use platforms to personalize the digital experience of users. With snapchat carrying the badge. In mexico, 72 percent of marketers say that creating relevant content is one of the Compliance Directors Email Lists most effective tactics to succeed in .The sector . According to an analysis by figment, one of the trends that will be key in the country as of january 2018 is artificial intelligence . The incorporation of this tool in digital marketing will start from recommendation engines, natural language processing and predictive analysis, among others.

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