In marketing there are some concepts that are sometimes poorly explained and less well understood. And one of them is the brand image. Except for experts in corporate  The most common thing is that in the marketing sector this terminology  used with little rigor. Something that is even more accentuated because there are several concepts related to corporate image. which seem synonymous or refer to the same reality. Despite the fact that many people think that they completely master the term of brand image interesting and important aspects of the subject. In this article the idea  to clarify doubts so that you can. Build the ideal corporate image of your company more easily. That is why we are going to show you both the definition. Of brand image and the differences between corporate image and corporate identity . And we begin by sharing this video with you so that you know how to brand your brand.

What is the corporate image

To focus the shot to the question of what is corporate.  Cambodia Phone Number We must answer that  an intangible concept that refers to the perception that. Buyers and the market in general have about a company or mark. Among the elements that a corporate image must have can be found the name. The logo the corporate color the design or the contents that the company generates to transmit the values ​​that characterize them. Expanding the definition of corporate image a little more. We can add that. The set of ideas beliefs impressions opinions and attitudes about how a certain company does things in the eyes of its consumers. Although some experts consider that the brand image only depends on the products that your  are many more factors that can improve  the perception of your customers about your business. And that will always have repercussions on your corporate image.

Characteristics of the corporate image of a company

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Now that you are clearer about what  Consumer Lead corporate image.  Are going to deepen the concept by pointing out what are the main characteristics of a positive. coherent and well-developed brand image: Subjective perception. As it is something subjective. Not everyone is capable of appreciating the same thing. In you must make a considerable effort so that your audience understands. That your corporate image is aligned with their values. Variable. Depends on the way of thinking of the market fashions and trends. with your public is deficient. It sits in the minds of customers. Customers are the ones who position a brand in their brain. If everyone thinks your corporate image is too stale. There are things you will need to do to change that perception.

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