What is the current state of communication  Australia B2B Contact List  . What trends are currently influencing the profession and society? Logeion, the Dutch professional organization for communication professionals, has put together 4 communication trends with its members: ‘guide in a boundless playing field’, ‘moral compass as a guideline’, ‘trust through radical transparency’ and ‘technology as a new language’. In this article I will update you. The why of communication trends Australia B2B Contact List Trends come and go, but why are they important to keep an eye on? With the communication trends of 2022-2023, the Logeion TrendTeam wants to inspire and challenge colleagues to become better in their profession. She also wants to Australia B2B Contact List ensure that communication professionals can also apply the trends in practice.

The why of communication trends Australia B2B Contact List

Guide in a boundless playing field Communication is no Australia B2B Contact List longer a two-way street between sender and receiver. The playing field for communication professionals is becoming increasingly versatile and unclear. Look at the current nitrogen crisis, for example. It is not a matter between the government  Australia B2B Contact List  and farmers. The whole of society is involved and plays a role.

Australia B2B Contact List

Guide in a boundless Australia B2B Contact List

Information also spreads faster, without you Australia B2B Contact List  always having control over it. “If you don’t think carefully about the impact . Mutual relationships, your behavior or your message can quickly have unexpected . Consequences,” says Jaap de Bruijn (chairman of the Logeion TrendTeam and stakeholder Australia B2B Contact List  . manager at Coöperatie VGZ). “Partly due to social media and big data. Information spreads at lightning speed . Any resistance can quickly develop into a reputation crisis or other escalation.” Also read: No measurable communication Australia B2B Contact List  without strategy . A practical example: high-tech company ASML conducts surveys among residents in the region once every few years.

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