Conclusion Although at first glance the new draft law complicates the usual way of life of online stores and other sites, in reality everything is not so terrible. Yes, the translation of the resource is a large-scale work of a whole team of specialists. But on the other hand, many sites have long since acquir the Ukrainian-language version, and now they only ne to set it as the main one and fix errors, if any. With contextual advertising, everything is also much more loyal than it might seem at first glance. You have the right to display text ads in Russian to those users who us Russian-language queries.

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But you should not forget about Ukrainian-speaking residents of Ukraine either – collect semantics in Ukrainian, create relevant ads to attract new traffic and Kuwait Phone Number interest customers. Many are afraid of a complete transition to the state language, citing traffic losses. But multiple examples of big players in the market demonstrate: such a transition, with competent work, allows a business to increase its reach and sales. Idea Digital Agency helps businesses switch to Ukrainian the right way! By ordering SEO site optimization or setting up contextual advertising from us, you can be sure that you will not receive fines for violating the language law.

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If you want to get advice or analysis of your site, fill out the online form or contact us in another convenient way for you (by phone, e-mail, social networks).How to optimize your Consumer Lead to get into Google’s quick answers Alyona Alyona 2262 views 13 minutes of reading 1 year ago What are Google Quick Answers? Find all the possibilities to get into the quick answer section Site optimization for quick responses The first position in the search results receives the most clicks. What can beat these results? Zero position! Today we are talking about “quick Google answers”: what it is, how it works and whether your site can get into the cherish frame.

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