Everyone talks about starting. Especially when things get complicated. Therefore, it seems at times that entrepreneurship the only way to survive economic crises or to achieve that much desired “financial freedom” But is it really so. Today we give a good review of what this means of entrepreneurship. Because although it is mentioned daily, we really have little knowledge of what the term itself implies and, above all. How it can help us succeed. Let’s see in detail what entrepreneurship consists of What is entrepreneurship? What does it take to get started in the world of entrepreneurship? Is entrepreneurship the same as “social entrepreneurship”? Examples of well-known figures with success in their venture.

What is entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and completing a business project on your own. In English this term  entrepreneurship and although it can be applied to almost anything such as personal Kenya Phone Number projects, sports or scientific activities or even challenges or games, it is generally reserved for business activities. So when we talk about entrepreneurship in English we usually mean business entrepreneurship in Spanish. Keep in mind that entrepreneurship has as a classic characteristic that it an activity that you start, or direct, in the first person.

What does it take to get started

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Undertaking is not easy. Let’s drop the obvious right now because it’s important to understand: nothing new is easy. And since entrepreneurship is – by definition and logic – developing something new at Consumer Lead  the business level on your own, since we are talking about something that is usually quite complex. This means that undertaking is not something suitable for everyone. In fact, it  not recommended at all if you are a person with little patience , who  extremely dependent on routine, or who does not have a very high creative capacity to solve unexpected problems.

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