Beginning Shopify Blogs What is Copywriting and how to use it to create texts that sell. What is Copywriting and how to use it to create texts that sell. By Frank Calvino Marketing Oct 5 2022 11 minute read Leave a comment Email pinterest Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copywriting Writing to convince is an art. And for those who have an ecommerce. It is a vital art. For this reason, copywriting is surely a term that you have heard mentioned more than once. But do you really know what we’re talking about when we say copywriting. Today we are going to give you the precise details so that you master the art of writing persuasive texts that help you get sales. These are the key steps to master copywriting. What is Copywriting What kind of professionals are in charge of doing Copywriting.

What is Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of writing to persuade and convince . As simple as  level of our ecommerce, copywriting is defined as the art of producing texts. That help us sell or promote our products or brand. And how Estonia Phone Number many years has copywriting existed. Well, curiously, it has been with us since the beginning of writing. Since time immemorial, texts have been written with the intention of convincing and persuading. Mythical or religious stories, chronicles or stories, including poems and songs, have the objective of making the reader form an opinion. They create a world in your head, a story seen from a perspective and a value judgment between what is right or wrong. Who is the hero and who is the villain.

What kind of professionals are in charge

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Professionals who are dedicated to writing persuasive texts are generally  copywriters and are experts in writing texts and creating content. For marketing and communication of companies, brands, public bodies Consumer Lead political parties. Are all copywriters journalists or social communicators. No It is not really necessary to have a degree in journalism, marketing or social communication – in any of its variants – to be an excellent copywriter.

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