Has it happened to you that you have entered an ecommerce and at the moment someone contacts you through a chat? Well, surely it is a chatbot, a software that tries to replicate what a conversation with a human being would be like. Chatbots are essential for ecommerce , as they allow them to provide 24/7 service to any online store, bringing out the true potential of an online business. For this reason, today we are going to give them a good review to find out what this is about chatbots and what they can do for our ecommerce. Let’s go there! Step by step to master chatbots.

What is a chatbot

Chatbots, also called chatbots or conversational bots in Spanish , are software applications that emulate a conversation , offering automated responses to a human user. You can achieve this in two ways: either Israel Phone Number by using artificial intelligence – AI – and deep learning, or by searching for the answers in a pre-established database. This second case is the most normal and the most used in the world of ecommerce and there are multiple applications that can easily create this type of chatbot. AI chatbots are the most advanced, but you will only find these – for the moment – as research projects or experiments by large companies in the technology sector such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

Chatbots generate leads

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A chatbot that opens automatically with a pop-up in an e-commerce can encourage the user who is visiting the online store to buy a discounted Consumer Lead product, discover an offer or simply leave their email for future contact. This is key in stores that sell products that require a lot of information from the user to decide to make the purchase, such as electronic or musical component e-commerce. And precisely for this reason, a good chatbot can be as entertaining as a good salesperson, even generating a relationship of empathy with users.

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