The differences between age groups are Armenia B2B Listlarge. Among young people aged 18 to 24, 83% use one or more social media platforms for news. Instagram is increasingly an important source of news for young people up to the age of 24, with 35% using the platform for news. For the 25+, Facebook plays the most important role in providing news.Remarkable detail: although young people Armenia B2B Listpreviously indicated that they avoid news because they did not want to end up in discussions about topics, they participate (much) more (68%) in news on social media than people over 35 (32%). They do this by Armenia B2B Listsharing, commenting and talking about it with friends, colleagues.

Current topic: trust Armenia B2B List

You can compare the results with Armenia B2B List countries that are close to the Netherlands in terms of cultural and media development: other European countries and the US. Current topic: trust The report presents the results of research into the use of news among consumers Armenia B2B List . Reveals striking trends and developments. The most current topic: how much trust is there in the news? Interest is still high, but one thing is clear. To stay relevant. News brands and organizations must Armenia B2B List continue to actively addr. ess the ways younger generations are consuming news. Do you also start your day by reading the news on your mobile? Most Dutch people (26%) do that. Although television (24%) is still popular for some current affairs with coffee. The over-35s prefer direct news app or site for their daily portion of news.

Armenia B2B List

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For the older generations, the TV news Armenia B2B Listremains an unshakable rock in the surf of their daily news stream. For 71% of people over 55, TV (and newspapers) are still Armenia B2B Listthe most important news sources. In all other age groups, news sites and apps are the most consulted. Social media remains number 1 for users under the age of 35.

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