Since 2013, modelo especial, along with the other grupo modelo beers. Has been part of the multinational anheuser-busch inbev. Yesterday we reported on a video showing an alleged assault on the grupo modelo plant . In it a Antigua and Barbuda B2B List group appears taking a mysterious box . Immediately, social network users suspected that. It was an advertising campaign. What happened to the suspicions is that just last year. The brand was behind a topic that became a trend. The alleged hacking that the anonymous group would have done. To their social network accounts. In the end it was. All about a campaign. And, indeed. Stephanie ávila kramis, brand manager of cerveza modelo explained to merca2.0 confirmed it.

Since 2013, Modelo Especial, Along With the Other Grupo Modelo

However, what consumers did not suspect is that inside the box was not the traditional drink, but a special edition of ice cream made from beer. 00:05 / 00:15 00:09 / 00:15 “This year we are making beer ice cream, there are three classes, one for each of our beers. The idea is to convey the passion we have for making the product and for the Antigua and Barbuda B2B List consumer to give himself the opportunity to try this new concept”, he commented. Specifically, there are three flavors, one made with Modelo Especial light beer with citrus notes; for Amber Model, they integrated caramel notes and for Negra Modelo, notes of coffee and cocoa. You can find this new line of Cervelat Modulo ice creams in all Nómada ice cream parlors in Mexico City from January 26 to February 28.

This Year We Are Making Beer Ice Cream, There Are Three

Antigua and Barbuda B2B List

What is new in this marketing strategy is that the brand opted for the surprise factor . As in literature, the surprise factor in advertising is usually a very good resource. That is,when the receiver is expecting a type of outcome and the Antigua and Barbuda B2B List absurd prevails in exchange for logic, the reaction is usually good in terms of recall. “In the end, no other beer had made an ice cream, we are innovators just as we were the first Grupo Modelo beer, also the one with this concept and it is simply trying to surprise with new experiences, I think that with these types of activities we can engage with them ”, he detailed.

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