All the growth that instagram has had, starting with its arrival. At 800 million monthly active users and the fact that in the last quarter. Of 2017 users already spent an average of 206 minutes per month. According to data from verto analytics, has motivated .To Germany B2B List generate more efforts to maintain all those individuals and companies .That daily access their platform to consume and launch content. The most significant signs that it is already in. It are the stories as well as the business accounts. As we had already announced. In december of last year, the platform, now belonging to facebook. Allows us to follow hashtags, a function that according to social bakers is among the most important in 2017.

All the Growth That Instagram Has Had, Starting With Its

Along with the possibility of placing multiple images and videos in a Germany B2B List post, the Instagram Direct, and the Shopify integration. This hashtag tracking feature is highly relevant for brands as it is something that could boost the reach of their content. However, brands and companies can also benefit from following hashtags, but do you know which ones a firm should follow? Below we present 4 types of hashtags, highlighted by the Union Metrics platform, which are recommended for monitoring by a brand: Of topics related to the industry : Possibly the company already properly uses these hashtags.

Knowing what the competition does is of the utmost

Germany B2B List

but it is important now to follow up on them because they show how popular or useful they are with respect to the number of people who also use them. The above allows to obtain a vision of what could be topics of interest to deal with the content. Branded: Did you know that 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded? Many brands use hashtags to accompany their campaigns on social networks and for this reason it is important to follow them to Germany B2B List see which ones obtain the best results. These campaigns can serve as inspiration for the company. From the competition: Knowing what the competition does is of the utmost importance and therefore monitoring the hashtags used by them is more than convenient.

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