There is no longer an option: your brand cannot stop thinking about mobile. In argentina, in 2018, more than 50% of the investment. In digital advertising will be for that format. What began timidly with the penetration of. Smartphones is now such an overwhelming reality that .There is no way to think about digital marketing without doing it Maldives B2B List on mobile. According to the latest e marketer analysis . In Argentina the “mobile” category continues to grow at an exponential rate .And is expected to represent more than 50% of digital investment in 2018 for the first time. This forecast is based, among other factors. On the attention that will surround the world cup in russia .

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Which will encourage consumption on mobile devices. Today, it sits at an average of 3.38 hours. According to the mma mobile report. The Maldives B2B List same report speaks of a greater penetration of the use. Of tablets (up to 53%) and smart tvs (67%) in those consumers who already have .A smartphone. In addition, it says that in the younger generations there is .A drop in tv consumption of 8% (between 2017 and 2016) and. In parallel, a rise in the consumption of series and films on .Mobile devices (8%). Greatest success a logan mobile report says that. Within the smartphone segment, the formats with the most investment in 2017 were. Rich media interstitial, pre roll and full screen banner. Rich media interstitial. Which had a 35% share of the pie in 2017.

It Says That in the Younger Generations There Is a Drop

Maldives B2B List

countdown, GPS and shake functionalities, offering a more innovative experience, with high impact and interaction with the user. The Maldives B2B List format was primarily used in industries such as automotive, consumer goods, and finance. Pre Roll was the second most used format (18% of investment). These are video ads, usually 30 seconds long, that are shown just before the video content that the user has searched for is played. It stands out in industries such as automotive, telecommunications and entertainment.

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