Did you know that around 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after an unpleasant experience? This is why user experience matters a lot in SEO. If a user visits your website and has the worst user experience, like slow pages or Bulgaria Phone Number List broken links, it could seriously hurt rankings. You may also have lost a potential customer. As a business owner, you need to make sure your site always works. If you can’t regularly check your website’s performance, hire SEO experts to help you do that. One of the most frustrating experiences a user can have is a broken link. Imagine when the text of anchor is really appealing and the user is eager to find out what awaits them on the next page, only to find out that it is an error page. Expect the user to leave your site immediately.

Why Are Broken Links Important for Seo

If this is his first visit, don’t expect him to return. This article explains what broken links are, how to find them, and how you can recover broken links on your site. What are broken links? A broken backlink is a link between your website and another (where your link is available) that no longer works. If you have many backlinks and none of Bulgaria Phone Number them are working, your conversions may be affected. The reason for a broken link could be that your landing page was moved or it was completely deleted. If you have pillar posts on your websites, make sure you don’t move them.

Follow Our Steps to Help You Recover Your Broken Link

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Because if reputable sites are linking to you, a broken backlink won’t be good for your SEO efforts. Google will think you are not a credible source. It could hurt you in the long run if you don’t do anything about it. So as much as possible take the Bulgaria Phone Number List time to always review your backlinks and make sure they are all working. As soon as you find a broken backlink, you can fix it by contacting the website owner and then suggesting that they replace their link with the correct backlink. Otherwise, your offline SEO efforts will be in vain. How to find broken links on your website? If you own a website and run a business through your site,

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