WeChat Reading is an official reading application based on the WeChat relationship chain. While providing the ultimate reading experience, it recommends Mexico Phone Number suitable books for users. Although this may be true, can view the reading dynamics of WeChat friends, and discuss with friends about the books they are reading.

4. User needs analysis

(1) target users



According to the data of Analysys Vientiane, there is little difference between the genders of WeChat reading users. They are mainly between 24 and 40 years old, accounting for 71.56%. Users in super first-tier and first- and second-tier cities account for 76.18%, of which the spending power is medium. The above proportion reached 70%.

From this, it can be concluded. That most of them are students. And professionals between. Although this may be true, ages of 24 and 40. They have medium. And high spending power, have a sense of self-learning, and are willing to spend a certain. Amount of money to continuously improve. Their knowledge and thus improve. Their social status. .

(2) user characteristics

judging from the classification of books, wechat reading mainly publishes books. Of general knowledge, and less online literature, such as: economic management, internet +, success inspiration and high-quality public accounts, etc., to provide users with books. To increase their knowledge and skills.

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(3) User needs

1) Exquisite reading experience

Reading books is convenient and fast, and the interface needs to be concise and clean, which is conducive to concentrated reading, and provides annotations for specific nouns.

2) High-quality content services

As a book APP, content is their core competitiveness. If they cannot provide users with high-quality books, it is impossible for users to use the APP.

3) Affordable price service

People are very sensitive to money. Once there is a money transaction, it must be done to reduce user costs so that they can spend less and still meet their own needs.

(4) Product function

  • [Elaborately polished reading experience
  • [Discover high-quality and good books with friends]: Push high-quality books according to reading habits, and discover good books through friends.
  • [Discuss and exchange collisions with friends]: Publish your own thoughts while reading, exchange thoughts with friends, and generate discussions and approvals.
  • [Comparing reading time with friends]: By comparing the reading time with friends, you can gain a sense of achievement and reading coins, and enjoy happiness while reading again.


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