According to the wall street journal, the use of emoji has become a constant in complaints. 85 cases are recorded, both in state and federal courts. The various channels of interaction between people have. Led to the creation of symbols to represent Emotions. One of the most famous in modern times is the emojis . YouGov data indicated that its acceptance in the united states is. Above average across multiple age groups. This indicates that these tools, in addition to being accepted.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Use of Emoji Has

Are widely used in digital conversations. Which is why in some territories of the neighboring country to the north. They were given a specific meaning. At least in what refers to legal matters. According to a report in the Buy Ivory Coast WhatsApp Numbers wall street journal. This goes back to a comment on social networks in which .An element of the local police in michigan was accused of corruption . The comment ended with the tongue emoji. This fact led to a lawsuit for defamation during 2014. Which the court of that state ended up dismissing the comment. Similarly.

Complaints, 85 Cases Are Recorded, Both in State and

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The court considered that beyond the use or meaning of the emoji. The comment itself cannot be interpreted as defamation. To all this, the meaning that the michigan court of appeals. Endowed the emoji with the tongue sticking out is. Used to detonate that it is a joke or that it is sarcasm. According to the publication of the wall street journal . The work in the united states had to consider the use of. These symbols since they have been used in the last three years. In which they have been mentioned in at least 85 cases in state and federal courts. The penetration of digital tools has led to these. Types of elements being a fundamental part of conversations. And it is that according to various

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