For many companies, generation z represents enormous potential to .Grow their businesses, according to figures from ibm. These young people born between 1995 and 2012. Reach an estimated purchasing power that reaches 44 billion dollars. This is a group with habits very attached to the .Digital world however, when it comes to purchases, the same ibm study indicates that 67 percent prefer to. Go to physical points. In addition to this, they have other .Qualities that can present challenges for brands, such as those pointed out by hoot suite.

Following What Was Mentioned in the Previous Point, That Same

They want engagement from brands. This last point is key and that is why here we share some. Ways to connect with them from social networks:  interaction list of telephone numbers  opportunities according to a study cited by twitter. Members of this generation are more receptive to brands. This means that they may be more willing to participate .With them and, without a doubt such an aspect is very grateful. For signatures. It is for the above that it is necessary to develop content and campaigns that encourage participation so that they can take action.

When We Talk About Generation Z, It Is Necessary to Highlight the Fact

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And today the consumer is the one who draws the line that brands must follow. This can even apply to members who are not of the generation. Take into account the frequency of posts when we talk. About generation z it is necessary to highlight the fact .That they spend a large part of their time on social networks and on .The internet in general, data from forbes indicate that up . For many companies, generation Z represents enormous potential to grow their businesses, according to figures from


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