You can now suddenly resell such a membership card if you no longer feel like eating sushi from the Omakase room. According to the Flyfish Club website, you can even “lease” the token on the secondary market. In short, your customers can become investors in you! . Collectors item Turn your members into collectors. Let’s face it, most companies aren’t going to sell $ , expensive memberships. Imagine. Your average customer is more likely to pay euros for such a token. Yet you can also offer additional experiences here. Turn your NFTs into collectables. People not only want to belong, but also have a natural urge to collect (which must be satisfi). You can make use of that. First, think about whether this strategy fits the identity of your brand. I can easily see a hospitality business getting start with unique NFT collectibles.

Otherwise The Retailer

A bike shop may have more difficulty activating its customers to purchase NFTs. On the other hand, you can think of plenty of ways to make this worthwhile. A practical Hong Kong Phone Number example seems to me the best illustration of this strategy. McLaren’s ‘goal car’ to win as NFT McLaren’s ‘goal car’ to win as NFT Example: McLaren McLaren, the car brand, launch the McLaren Racing Collective in . Fans could collect car parts from ‘their favorite car brand’ on this digital platform. If you own all parts of the McLaren, you got the fully assembl, interactive D McLaren car sent to your wallet.

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Risks Losing The Customer

Once you start this journey, you couldn’t help but save. An interesting move from McLaren. You can also come up with ideas for unique collectibles yourself. Especially if you also link it to a membership. Think of a brand story that people want to be part of, create a series of NFT Consumer Lead collectibles that people can save and link the proces of the savings campaign to a membership card. I don’t know if you feel this too, but I only see potential. . Link NFTs to physical objects You are far from being late in getting into NFTs. Yet sometimes it feels that way. In , Nike already appli for a patent for ‘Cryptokicks’ . They link physical Nike shoes to a cryptographic key.

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