Home SEO Articles Here Are 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting The Real Estate Leads You Want Online Here are 4 reasons why you’re not getting the real estate leads you want online Posted: 2015-11-24 2015.11.4-not-receiving-the-tracks-you-want-main I Communication Directors Email Lists have a secret to tell you about the real estate investment industry: it truly is a PEOPLE business. You find sellers who need to get rid of a property, and you match that property with buyers who want to buy it. But the important point is this: it’s the people who make the deal happen. So the Communication Directors Email Lists fast track to growth as a real estate investor is simple: get more of the RIGHT PEOPLE into your lead pipeline. Specifically, get more people with properties and more people with money to buy your properties to notice you.

 Faible Trafic Ou Pas De Trafic Sur Le Site Web

If you’re struggling to get enough leads from your website, this blog post can help you diagnose what’s holding you back and reveal step-by-step strategies to move you forward. Ultimately, there are 4 main reasons why you, as an investor or real estate agent, may struggle to get leads online. 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Real Estate Investment Leads You Want Online And How To Fix It1. Low or No Website Traffic traffic to real estate investment website Are people landing on your website? Insufficient traffic to your website is the Communication Directors Email Lists cause of the “Low or No Lead” problem. Find out how to fix this problem below…Your website traffic volume is the first place to start. After all,

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if you’re not actively driving qualified people to your website with your marketing, then it won’t matter what else you do on your site. The Communication Directors Email Lists first step is to get eyeballs on your site. I like to set an initial goal to get only 10-20 people to your website each week. That’s not a big number it’s totally achievable, and if you’re not getting 10-20 qualified leads to your website per week through your marketing…that’s your first goal. So how can you get more traffic (qualified leads) to your website? We focus on… SEO (high ranking in Google) Paid traffic like Google Adwords (PPC marketing) Rapid marketing (Craigslist, social media, etc.) Integrate your website into your offline marketing (direct mail, your email signature, etc.)We’ve written articles on this blog about each of them and hosted several traffic generation webinars

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