I often talk about magic words. However, numbers are Dominica B2B List also magical. Why? Because numbers stand out in text and inspire confidence in the readers. Certain numbers even find their way into readers’ minds better than others. If you know how this works, you can count on extra conversion power. That’s why in this article, 7 x why Dominica B2B List you can count on numbers if you process them correctly in your copy. Numbers or numbers First this. Because when I came up with a title for this article, I immediately got stuck. Is it ‘why you can count on numbers in copy’ or ‘why you can count on Dominica B2B List in copy’.

Anything other than Dominica B2B List 

Do you know the difference between Dominica B2B List and numbers? Not me, until 1 hour before writing this article. So I went from magic to googling numbers and numbers. Curious what I discovered? That you can Dominica B2B List compare numbers and numbers with letters and words. A letter is a sign, a word is made up of letters. Sometimes there are 1 letter words, such as ‘u’. More often, words are formed from several letters. A number is a sign, a Dominica B2B List is made up of numbers.

Dominica B2B List

Letters stands out in text Dominica B2B List

So why should you work with numbers in your text? I’m juggling 7 reasons fDominica B2B List rom the top hat: 1. Anything other than letters stands out in text Think of symbols such as #, % or € and of numbers. Because numbers stand out, readers can scan, read and remember them more easily. To stand  Dominica B2B List out, I never* write numbers as words, but as numbers in text. An example: I do not write the word fourteen but the numbers 1 and 4 in succession. And if you know that 79% of people scan texts, you can score well with numbers. *Disclaimer It states that I never process Dominica B2B List as words in text. That’s secretly an overstatement.

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