Because we are far from being ‘outfluenced’! A new legislation  Burma B2B List especially for young people It is not new that media is largely consumed online. Especially among young people we see that they watch less and less analogue television and are more active on social media. That shift is also shifting brands to media other than television to promote themselves. To protect the Burma B2B List young target group from unwanted advertising practices, the EU therefore drafted the Media Act in 2020. Online content therefore falls under supervision, in addition to the traditional media. The new rules that come Burma B2B List into effect on 1 July 2022 are the Dutch interpretation of this.

The effect on your Burma B2B List 

For this group of influencers, the new rules come Burma B2B List as no surprise. It was already clear from the start of the new Media Act in 2020 that additional rules would follow. The main rules here are: be clear about when you advertise, take into account underage viewers and make known Burma B2B List who you are. But which rules should influencers actually adhere to? If a video is advertised, the influencer should clearly state this. This can be done, for example, by adding ‘paid Burma B2B List collaboration’ or ad’.

Burma B2B List

Influencer campaigns Burma B2B List

You also clearly indicate for which brand Burma B2B List the advertisement is being made. Spurious advertising is not allowed. Not even if the entire video is commissioned Burma B2B List by a brand. If the influencer gets paid to show a product in a video, this should be clearly stated at the beginning and at the end of the message. The influencer may not encourage viewers to Burma B2B List buy, purchase or rent products or services by promoting them.

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