That is why they share stories from within the Germany B2B List company about the people, values, possibilities and innovation. With these kinds of stories you show what you have to offer as an employer and what you mean to the world. In it, a human and simple approach beats business and complex content. By strengthening your reputation Germany B2B List in this way, you can also make your company more attractive to new employees in the current war for talent . Also read: Reusing your content: 46 ideas to try right away The first tip from the session that I would like to share with you is: work Germany B2B List with fixed formats.

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Another good learning is that you can tell one story from Germany B2B List multiple perspectives. You can recycle your content , as it were . Share the same message in a different guise on different channels that match your perspective. On to an even stronger reputation! Speaker of Philips at Content Conference 2022. Photographer: Michiel Ton (2022). 3. Increase Germany B2B List diversity within your organization The content you post also affects your image and reputation, which in turn affects the people who come to your organization. Companies with a lot of diversity in the workplace are more creative, Germany B2B List understand developments in the market better and often have higher turnover.

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Cross-media content is key!Germany B2B List

More than enough reasons to increase diversity, right? Increasing Germany B2B List diversity starts with inclusive communication. Filling in this inclusive communication can be quite a challenge. Our Germany B2B List society is diverse, but not yet inclusive. That is why Mariël Tiemersma of Randstad shares in her talk how you can ensure a match between your brand and society by promoting inclusivity and diversity, thereby increasing your Germany B2B List reach.

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