To increase AOV you could just increase your price, but for most businesses. There’s something called competition where your customers will go if your price is too high. The New Zealand Phone Number online segment of Best Buy’s business is in one of the most competitive industries New Zealand Phone Number on the internet, competing with companies like Amazon and Walmart’s online store. Increasing price isn’t an option if Best Buy wants to stay competitive and true to their unbeatable price offer.

The online segment of Best

This is a pretty standard product page layout you see on most eCommerce websites. It’s well-designed and follows all eCommerce product page best  New Zealand Phone Number practices. Directly underneath product page element in the above screenshot is a product bundling New Zealand Phone Number widget designed to increase Best Buy’s AOV on every product. Here’s what it looks like for their Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

New Zealand Phone Number List

Beats Pill Speaker Sophie

Screenshot showing New Zealand Phone Number recommended items Best Buy package three items together with their Beats by Dr. Dre headphones in this product bundling widget. Beats Pill+ Speaker Mophie Portable Charger $50 Apple iTunes Gift Card. There are a few reasons New Zealand Phone Number why this can be a good strategy for your eCommerce business.


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